New Year, New You

Thinking of making a New Year’s resolution? Choosing to improve your oral health is a great place to start, especially since it directly correlates to your overall health! We have chosen a few oral health resolutions that can kick-start your motivation to improve your smile.

Improving Your Toothbrushing and Flossing Habits.
Everyone knows that brushing and flossing is essential for oral health. To successfully remove bacterial plaque, it is important to brush at least twice daily. It is also important to floss at least once a day to remove plaque and food accumulated throughout the day. If you don’t floss, you are missing a whopping 35% of your tooth’s surface. Tooth brushing and flossing helps to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Brightening Your Smile.
Tooth whitening has become very popular over the past several years because it is a quick and effective way to improve your smile. Osinde Family Dentistry offers custom whitening trays that you can use at home! Call today for more information or to discuss other whitening options.

Straightening Your Smile. 
If you have been putting off correcting an abnormal bite or straightening your teeth, 2016 is the perfect year for you to make that change. Osinde Family Dentistry offers both Invisalign and Clear Correct to resolve issues related to injury, tooth crowding or crooked teeth. Give yourself the gift of confidence in 2016. Call today to discuss options with us!

Restorative Dentistry.
2016 may be the time to start or complete dental work you have been putting off, such as crowns, implants or fillings. Getting these procedures done sooner rather than later will help preserve tooth structure and maintain tooth alignment, which can ultimately improve your oral health.

Keeping Routine Dental Exams.
Making a resolution to see your dentist every 6 months can help prevent oral disease and discover existing disease in early stages. It is important to come every six months to allow Dr. O to monitor the condition of your mouth and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you. 

Happy New Year from Osinde Family Dentistry...and Happy Flossing!