National Children's Dental Health Month

How important is it for your dentist to be involved in the community? At Osinde Family Dentistry (OFD) we rank it a top priority. February was National Children’s Dental Health Month and in order to celebrate, OFD decided to take an afternoon off and visit all the kindergarteners at W.H. Burnett Elementary School.

To prepare for the big day, our team worked hard to prepare 308 goodie bags for each child – filled with children’s toothpaste, toothbrushes and an insert about the importance of taking care of their teeth. Of course, kids need a little more than oral hygiene products to get excited, so we also took the initiative to bring our treasure chest full of little toys! 

Dr. O and his staff headed over to the elementary school and had three sets of classes come in for the “tooth talk” presentation. Dr. O loves audience participation, so asked a lot of questions about basic oral hygiene and encouraged the kiddos to raise their hand if they knew the answer. The tooth talk was a hit – the kids learned a lot about taking care of their teeth and got to take home the products to help keep their teeth healthy. (Don't forget -- kids need regular dental appointments just like adults! Be sure to keep  your routine cleanings.)

OFD had a great time meeting with the kids and are looking forward to the next opportunity to present in the schools. If that wasn’t enough to make the afternoon great, the Terrell Tribune newspaper came by the following week to drop off the latest paper for us -- it was OFD's first time to make the paper! Be sure to connect with us on social media to stay up to date on all we are doing in the community -- we have a lot planned!


What a great snippet about OFD and the school! Check out the picture of the kid in the white coat. We may have some future dentists at Burnett Elementary School!