OFD's Technology and Equipment

How important is it for your dentist to have updated equipment and technology? At OFD, we make it a priority to provide our patients with the best care possible, which includes utilizing some of the latest advances in dentistry. Check out our top three favorite pieces of equipment below!

Panoramic X-Ray Machine

A panoramic x-ray machine or "Pano", gives Dr. Osinde a comprehensive view of your entire mouth. The Pano can show the upper and lower jaws, their temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, all the teeth, the nasal area and sinuses. This type of X-ray can show a variety of issues, including bone abnormalities and fractures, cysts, impacted teeth and infections. This information is useful for planning the best treatment possible.

Digital Impression Scanner

OFD utilized a 3D scanner to take your dental impression. This means no more gooey impressions! The 3D-in-motion video technology we have generates an accurate replica of your oral anatomy in real time. This technology provides more visibility for Dr. Osinde when he is diagnosing and treating you!

Nomad X-Ray

OFD uses a Nomad X-Ray Machine, which is a hand-held x-ray system! The nomad is a quick way to take an x-ray that provides clear images of your teeth. The ability to move the system from room to room also helps our staff to expedite the x-ray process.

What equipment is most important to you as a patient?

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